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I grew up surfing and racing motorcycles in Southern California.
I love the Beach , the Ocean, and the Dodgers.
And, oh yeah, my Husband Rob and our dingo dog Bella.

Living on the beach in Laguna Beach California,
we spent a lot of time walking on the beach
collecting sea shells and when we were lucky, sea glass.

Sea glass is created when a glass item is tossed in the ocean,
and over years, it is tumbled millions of times by the ocean,
smoothing it out and turning the pieces into little jewels.
We have literally found thousands of these little naturally made jewels.

As people stopped treating the ocean like a landfill,
less and less of these beautiful glass jewels have become available.
To make my art, we have learned how to re-create the ocean’s
smoothing out and polishing of recycled, vintage glass.
We also use this, in addition to naturally occurring sea glass,
to produce these amazing pieces of art.

When you order one of my pieces, you will receive an art piece
lovingly produced by me, by hand, one piece at a time.
Every piece is a one of a kind original.
No one will ever have a piece exactly like yours.

Each piece is signed and dated by me.

It is my hope that the piece you receive will give you
as much happiness as it gave me in creating it for you.