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A national award winning artist, a native of Cambridge, Maryland who now spend most of his time in sunny Florida and traveling across the Nation.

He has lived in several states however, having spent a life-time in Christian ministries, pastoral and evangelistic nation-wide and abroad. His art especially identifies with his early life around the waterways of Maryland and the great Chesapeake growing up around his dad’s boats and more recently he has learned to love the turbulent and majestic coastal waters and rocky shores of the west-coast where he lived for several years. In Fresno he studied basics at Landon studios briefly and soon developed his own detailed style inspired by several outstanding artists of the past century. His recent wild-life paintings have also became a favorite of many. Numbers have expressed many of his paintings often look like enhanced photographs, so realistic.

While art has always been his secondary love it has now become a greater part of his senior years with paintings and prints finding their ways into homes nationwide… He quotes, “With so much God-given beauty and creation everywhere, I simply try to capture some of that detailed beauty to preserve it for others to enjoy, the majestic seas, multi-colorful sunsets, the beautiful wildlife as well as a myriad interesting people and their distinct character and their different individual color and form.”

We hope you enjoy enjoy his art available and for further interest about more originals, print, lessons or commissions contact him at P.O. Box 2106, Crystal River, Fl. 34423 or call 352-220-2222