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In 1954, City of Angels, the cosmos delivered to earth a 3d generation artist. Valorie’s creative spirit awakened in early childhood from crayons and pastels she has evolved to oil and acrylic paints.

A self-taught artist, she painted signs, oil paintings, etched/stained glass and jewelry from her studio/gallery in Sunny Days Plaza, Homosassa, FL. (1978-2000)

A professional artist for 40 years, she has decorated walls with paintings and murals in a wide range of subjects. These include landscapes, buildings, wildlife, pets, portraits, floral and fantasy.

Now she paints from her home studio in Homosassa. Exotic birds, figures, orchids,and tropical foliage created in a painterly style with layers of subtle beauty.


What’s unique about how I paint? I play music. when it inspires me, I get up and dance. My inner wild woman takes over with graceful movements. That’s how I generate artistic passion.

Since I’m a third generation artist, its natural my imagination comes out to play. I paint to surround myself with the art I wish existed. Even as a child, I’ve loved the creative process of layering colors next to each other. purple near blue-green for instance, excites me.

Nature inspires me, especially  secret pockets of paradise hidden in tropical rain-forests. I love waterfalls, rivers, and oceans. Exotic birds and orchids fascinate me endlessly.