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Why Choose Us?
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Complementary Drinks & Appetizers

That’s right! Unlike other painting events, we provide complementary beer, wine soft drinks and appetizers/food with our all inclusive classes and a cash wine and beer bar with sodas and other drinks and snacks at great prices.

Nightly Art Giveaway

Each night a guest or guests, depending on class size, will be selected via a drawing to receive a piece of art from a renowned artist.

Fun, Relaxed Atmosphere

Take as long as you like to finish your masterpiece and enjoy the afternoon or evening festivities! We have no predetermined time limit for the end of our  classes. If you are not finished with your piece at the beginning of a new event or closing time you are always welcome to come back and finish your piece of art with no additional charge.

Parties, Parties, Parties!

Birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette, family reunions, kids parties, or for any reason, or for no reason at all! If interested in setting up such an event please email or call us.

Meet and Learn from a Local Artist

Your art teacher will be a local artist who will make available their artwork, advanced art classes, and individual special projects that may just cap off a perfect evening.

Charity Events

Bring a group from your favorite charity or church and we will donate a valuable work of art from a world renowned artist for your charity to auction or raffle off. If interested in setting up such an event please email or call us.

Alternative Art Projects

We will offer classes other than painting. Check our site for these events and feel free to suggest a project that you would like to do! If interested in setting up such an event please email or call us.

Seniors & Veterans Save 10%

In appreciation of our seniors, veterans and first responders, we offer a discount to any of our events!

About Us

We offer painting classes including group events, private parties, fundraisers, kids parties & more.

Event Calendar

View our calendar to get details of upcoming events and to sign up online.

Contact Us

View our location and contact us now by phone, email or through our social media profiles.

Checkout our event calendar and sign up online!

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