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Why Choose Us?
Our Event choices are convenient and unique.
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Stay As Long As You Need, No Class Size Minimum during the day (1pm tp 7pm) and only 5 min for an evening party, Choose What You Want To Paint, Cash Bar. We Are More Than A Paint And Sip

We have many Special Events to offer that set us apart from Paint and Sip classes. We have such events as:

Evening Paint classes

Florida landscape class w/ Florida Highwayman Curtis Arnett, Al Black & Kelvin Hair

Traditional oil painting class

Paint Your Own Pet Class

Birthday, Ladies Nights, Couples Parties, Work Events and many more classes and parties.

Complimentary Drinks & Food at Specialty Events, See Calendar.

That’s right! Unlike other painting events, we provide complimentary beer, wine, soft drinks and finger foods with our  All-Inclusive events. See our calendar for dates.

Children's Fun

We offer classes for children of any age, from paint on your own, walk in and paint, & after school specials to joining an event or even setting up a private birthday party.  Summer Camp Specials are available

Children love to paint with us

Fun, Relaxed Atmosphere

Unlike other Paint and Wine Events, take as long as you like to finish your masterpiece and enjoy the festivities!

We have no predetermined time limit for the end of our classes.

We have no 2-3 hour time limit at our events.

Parties, Parties, Parties!

Birthdays, anniversaries, fundraisers, church outings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, kids parties– you name it! If interested in setting up such an event please email or call us.

Meet and Learn from a Local Artist

Your art teacher will be a local artist who will make available their artwork, advanced art classes, and individual special projects that may just cap off a perfect evening.

Charity Events

Bring a group from your favorite charity or church and we will donate a valuable work of art from a world renowned artist for your charity to auction or raffle off. If interested in setting up such an event please email or call us.

Alternative Art Projects

We can offer classes other than painting or take requests for specific themed paintings. Check our site for these events and feel free to suggest a project that you would like to do! If interested in setting up such an event please email or call us.

Seniors, Kids, Veterans, & 1st Responders Always Receive Discount

In appreciation of our seniors, kids, veterans, and first responders we give you a discount to any of our events as listed in our pricing page!

Very Large Art Gallery

If you haven’t stopped by and seen it yet, you need to! We have over 1,500 pieces of art from world famous and local artists, including a Florida Highwaymen Section. Enjoy a glass of wine and take a look! Yes, they are all for sale.

Entertainment & Presidential Memorabilia

Now featuring our newest addition– a rare collection of Entertainment and Presidential memorabilia signed by the greats. Come take a look for yourself!

Paint-Your-Own PET

Ever wanted to paint your pet? (Not ON your pet!) Well, now you can!! On select days or nights, or if you want to reserve a private party, you can send us an email with your favorite picture of your pet. Our artists will outline your pet onto the canvas for you, you come in, and we’ll teach you how to paint it!

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