Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

  • Walk In Painting (With Local Artist) Afternoons:
    • $25 for children ages 18 and under
    • $25 for senior citizens and veterans
    • $30 for adults
    • Coupons do not apply to afternoon events.
  • Walk In Paint on Your Own (No help from Artist)
    • $15 for anyone
    • Evenings
  • No Frills Paint Night Sun to Thursday Evening
    • $35 for adults
    • $30 for senior and veterans
  • All Inclusive Paint Night Friday and Saturday Evening (Free wine, beer, soda, food and a drawing for a free piece of art*)
    • $48 for adults
    • $43 for senior and veterans


Why does it cost so much?

  • We had a question on our web site about why our evening all inclusive class was $48 when it only cost $35 to go to Ocala. It’s a good question so we wanted to share the answer with all our friends.
    We provide so much more that it is sometimes misunderstood.
    So, the whole nine yards.
    We not only give you lessons in how to paint a piece of art, our teachers are local professional artists.
    We also provide COMPLIMENTARY wine, beer, soft drinks and  food at our all inclusive evening classes.
    *Also, if there are at least ten people during any evening class, we have a drawing and give away a piece of art by a world famous artist from our Art Gallery. The winner has a choice of 5-6 pieces to choose from.
    The more people, the more the winning pieces of art are worth.
    If you have a specific day that you would like to attend, but prefer a different painting as scheduled for that evening and you are the first to call, we can schedule the art of your choice.
    With private parties such as birthdays or anniversaries, the art can also be given to the honoree(s).
    The Ocala place charges $35 for a two hour experience, and they also charge $45 for their three hour class.
    They do not provide drinks, food, and certainly not a chance to win a valuable piece of art. 
    We are providing fun in a party atmosphere. We have no time limit on any of your experiences. As long as you want or need to paint your picture and enjoy your wine and food is how long you are welcome to stay.
    So, get your friends together to have an unrushed evening, or afternoon.
    And remember!
    We are just the hosts of YOUR PARTY.
    We will always have a discount program on Facebook or the Crystal River mall app that you can download on any smart phone. Or just call us and ask. 
    So, you will always get so much more for about the same cost or less! Come and join us anytime.

Do I have to register ahead of time?

  • No, but it is preferred for the evening classes, so we know how many people we need to buy food for with the all inclusive classes and so we can be set up and ready for you on the No Frills Nights. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us a message via email, Facebook, or this site.

I have a private party/event I want to do at your place. How do I set that up?

  • Please refer to our Private Party page or you can give us a call and give us the details.

Can you guys host a paint party at our location?

  • Yes! We would love to bring the party to YOU! We have done several parties in the past in restaurant settings, in country clubs, even at a park. We are open to discussing what you have in mind.