Drawings are my passion and hobby since I was born.

In Elementary School I drew Cowboys, Indians, and Robinson Crusoe stories just from the books, movies, and from my imagination.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, architecture was my favorite field, so after graduation fro University in Warsaw, having opportunity to travel around the world, I learn about people, their cultures, tradition and heritage. Sketchbook, Camera, Pen, and pencils always had a priority in my luggage

Having been working in US as an engineering consultant since 1986 (probably more stable job)

I was always looking forward to drawing different subjects like people, animals,landscaping, events, pets, children, houses, etc.

Monochromatic works of Famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, A.Durer or recent ones e.i. Arthur Guptill, are still my inspiration. There is endless time to experiment on different mediums and techniques, but pen and ink or pencils bring me the most satisfaction and fun. My interest in architecture and surroundings allow me to incorporate more details the place aa major role in the historical landmarks. I have been collecting photos of anything that brings a pleasure for eyes not only for me, but others as well. Living near Baltimore, MD for 28 years, I published some of my drawings in the Baltimore Sun where Maryland Sketchbook was created and placed in every Saturday edition. Recently retired (69), and moved to Florida for permanent stay, I am looking forward to adding more work to my portfolio.

Considering Florida as one of the most scenic states in the US, I hope that my drawings should bring more interests not only to local residents, but also those all around the world.