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An explorer and creative from early age, born and raise in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and relocated to New York, Brooklyn USA in 1989. Graduated in 2009 with A.S.S. in Gerontology. Worked with geriatric population for over 20 years in a therapeutic setting as a Recreation Art Specialist. Responsible for  a ceramics room. Attend classes at Art Student League in New York City including courses in welding, live model sculpture in clay. Self taught artist Margareth James born into a long line of artists: Mother musician, with a secret passion for poetry and hand embroider cultural storyteller, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro; Grandfather was a professional musician and grand mother a crafter both born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. As the youngest of a family of 3 daughters, “Maga” (her childhood nickname, and artist name) come from a very rich emotional and cultural back ground, plenty of natural resource to explore that serve as the key to developing the taste and eyes to art. Curiosity and fantasy wove the shape and fiber of her visionary art. 

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